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Holcim defies cement sales slowdown suffered by Cemex

Earlier Cemex Holdings Philippines (CHP) reported a significant decline in cement sales for the first six months of 2023. It disclosed a 15% decline in cement sales compared to the same period last year. Cemex Holdings Philippines’s peer, Holcim Philippines, avoided its fate. Holcim’s sales held steady. For the first six months of 2023, Holcim…

Poor results add misery to the remaining retail shareholders of CHP

On March 30, 2023, Cemex Asian Sout East Corporation concluded its tender offer for Cemex Holdings Philippines (CHP) shares.  Following the completion of the tender offer, Cemex Asian South East Corporation (CASEC) now owns and controls approximately 89.86% of the issued and outstanding common shares of CHP, leaving a public float of only 10.06%.  The…

ALI’s 1H2023 net cash provided by operations slowed to 1.8B

In the first half of 2023, Ayala Land’s net cash provided by operating activities slowed to 1.8 billion as against the 9.4 billion it racked up in a similar period in 2022.  The slowdown is a material 81%. With cash provided by operations slowing, ALI slowed down its net investing activities.  In 1H2022, its net…

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