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National champion ICT beats the pandemic slowdown

International Container Terminal Services (ICT) is one of the truly global Philippine companies. ICT operates port in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, China and in Melbourne, Australia. The company has operations in the Middle East, Africa and Europe. In the Americas, it operates port in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, and Honduras. ICT carries the PhilippineContinue reading “National champion ICT beats the pandemic slowdown”

WLCON registers a healthy financial amidst the pandemic

WILCON DEPOT, INC. (WLCON) ended the year with a healthy balance sheet. WLCON boosted its cash and short-term investments to 4.6 Billion Pesos while maintaining a zero-indebtedness stance. Although the pandemic slowdown may have tempered revenue and net income, the over-all result was still healthy. Net income is down a third from last year onlyContinue reading “WLCON registers a healthy financial amidst the pandemic”

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