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DMC principal stockholder hiked holdings in the company

August 6, 2021

One of the principal stockholders of DMC Holdings (DMC) is DFC Holdings. DFC Holdings is one of the two Consunji holding firms owning the controlling shares of DMC. As of 26 May 2020, DFC holdings controls 2,382,067,010 shares of DMC or about 17.94% of DMC. But as of 26 July 2021, those holdings have increased […]

ESG investing a boon to DMC

July 11, 2021

Renewable energy needs a rising coal price New coal mine development might come to a halt as banks, financial institutions, and fund managers avoids funding those projects. Without new supply, coal prices are set to stay elevated for longer if not permanently. Coal price needs to stay elevated for renewable energy to be cost competitive. […]

DMC’s key units performed better in Q1 2021 than in Q1 2019

June 20, 2021

DMCI (DMC) Holdings Incorporated’s key units performed better in Q1 2021 than during the pre-pandemic Q1 2019. DMCI Homes becomes the leading net income contributor for DMC in the first quarter of 2021. It even surpassed the coal and power generating unit, Semirara Mining and Power, in net income. The Q1 2021 net income of […]

Rising coal prices, potential Maynilad IPO may fuel Consunji’s DMC

June 5, 2021

Consunji’s DMCI Holdings (DMC) has seen a steady climb in share price in the past few weeks. It is currently trading at 5.93 just 4.65% below its 52-week high of 6.24. DMC is already up 34.77% from a year ago. Bloomberg recently reported that global prices for coal surge on hot demand. Coal mining constitute […]

DM Consunji Holdings (DMC) rose 3.6% in a single day, DFC Holdings continuously buys DMC

October 9, 2020

Consunji private holding firm, DFC Holdings, Inc.  continuously buy DM Consunji Holdings, Inc. (DMC) shares as DMC shares continue to dwell in the cellar.  The Consunji have been taking advantage of the weakness in the share price of DMC by accumulating the shares. For the month of September 2020 DFC Holdings, Inc. bought 6,627,000 DMC […]

Consunji’s DFC Holdings not yet done accumulating DMC shares

September 11, 2020

We have earlier commented that the COVID-19 pandemic had a significant adverse impact on the operations and finances of DMCI Holdings, Inc. (DMC) during the first half of 2020 (1H 2020) which resulted to a weaker financial footing for DMC as of end of 1H 2020. The weakness in the results of DMC sent it […]

Consunji private holding firm, DFC Holdings, Inc., accumulates DMC, so are local and foreign institutional investors

September 6, 2020

DFC Holdings, Inc. is one of the private holding company of the Consunji family’s investment in the listed DMCI Holdings Inc. (DMC). The other being the DACON Corporation. DACON Corporation and DFC Holdings, Inc. are the principal stockholders of DMC, holding 51.51% and 17.92% of the outstanding shares of DMC as of end of 2019, […]

COVID-19 weakened DMCI Holdings, Inc. (DMC)

September 5, 2020

DMCI Holdings, Inc. and subsidiaries (DMC) reported a consolidated net income of 3.1 Billion Pesos for the first half of 2020 (1H 2020). Although it reported a net income of 3.1 Billion Pesos it did not generate cash from operations. Worse is that its capital expenditures for the period required 3.2 Billion Pesos. The cash […]