Valuable ACEN shares as acquisitions currency show mastery of finance

Ayala’s strategy of hiring the smartest pays off.  ACEN, Ayala’s clean energy company, is a testament to that.

Ayala infused its international clean energy assets to ACEN in exchange for shares valued at just 2.97 apiece.  Soon after, aided by the green energy PR, ACEN shares rose to 7-8 levels.

Taking advantage of the high market valuation of ACEN, it then issued a follow-on offering raising fresh capital of 10.3 Billion from the market.  Ayala took advantage of the tremendous support of the market in ACEN to raise new money for further investments in clean energy.  ACEN did not let its high valuation go to waste.

The way ACEN management took advantage of the market confidence in the company boosted further the market’s support in ACEN.  ACEN share rose further to 12 levels.

At never seen before valuations, ACEN is now using its well-valued share as currency for acquisitions.  ACEN is acquiring full ownership and control of UPC-AC Renewables Australia using ACEN shares valued at 11.32.  ACEN is also acquiring Northwind Power Development Corporation shares held by Northwind Founders for ACEN shares valued at 11.32.

There could only be admiration on how hiring the brightest and most brilliant executives by the Ayala’s lead to value creation.

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