5 Peso cash dividend validated ICT’s strength

ICT’s 2020 financial results showed that revenue for 2020 surpassed its pre-pandemic revenue. That fact provides the cue that ICT is benefiting from the money printing around the world. Despite the pandemic induced lockdown around the world, demand for goods and materials remained buoyant as the world becomes awash with cash. ICT operating ports and cargo terminals around the world is at the forefront of global trade.

When its 2020 financial result was released, ICT jumped 5.13% to close at 124.90. Since then, it never looked back and rose beyond the roof. ICT is now trading at all time high levels.

The 5-Peso dividend so far for the year validated the strength of ICT. ICT is distributing to shareholders its windfall from the tail winds of the times.

ICT is now trading at 60.27 P/E and at 4.3045 Price to Book Value ratio. As long as the current prevailing low interest rate regime continues, expect ICT to report strong results.

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