PLC yields 10.19%, results on track to sustain dividend distribution

Premium Leisure Corporation distributed a total of 1.3 Billion Pesos cash dividend to shareholders this year. With PLC currently trading at 0.41 a share the cash dividend amounts to a yield of 10.19%.

The previous year was a horrible year for PLC. By year’s end PLC netted only 324 Million Pesos. Cash from operating activities was only at 579 Million Pesos.

Despite the poor results, PLC was still able to declare a dividend of 0.04075 for a total of 1.3 Billion. Thanks, to its ample cash reserves from prior year’s earnings.

In the first half of the year, PLC earned 570 Million Pesos and generated cash of 612 Million from operations. The first half saw the NCR placed in an ECQ.

PLC’s cash from operations by year’s end could reach around 1.5 Billion Pesos, just enough to sustain the dividend distribution to shareholders.

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