URC, WLCON expanding, better 1H 2021 results despite ECQ in NCR+

Universal Robina Corporation and Wilcon Depot showed impressive 1H 2021 results. WLCON generated 13.4 Billion of sales an improvement of 4.4 Billion as compared to 1H 2020. Net income was 1.25 Billion against 0.35 Billion in 1H 2020. Meanwhile URC’s revenue was 68.5 Billion in 1H 2021 against 67.4 Billion in 1H 2020. URC’s net income improved by 2.5 Billion Pesos to 8.5 Billion.

Those earning were made at the height of the ECQ in April 201 in the National Capital Region and the neighboring provinces. The results showed that there are still vigorous economic activities despite the imposition of ECQ in NCR+.

Universal Robina Corporation spent 8.3 Billion in property, plant and equipment in the first half of 2021 and increased its inventory by 5.9 Billion. Wilcon Depot on the other hand spent 1.1 Billion for property and equipment. WLCON opened its 5th new store for the year last July 30, 2021.

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