Filinvest Land has highest yield but lowest valuation among peers

Among the country’s biggest real estate developers FLI has the highest dividend yield at 3.87% but the lowest P/E valuation at 8.39.

FLI’s net income for 2020 was down to 3.96 Billion Pesos from 6.52 Billion Pesos in 2019. Despite the significant decrease in net income, FLI was able to generate cash from operations of 7.3 Billion Pesos down by only 1.9 Billion Pesos as compared to a year ago.

Despite the pandemic, FLI continued to grow its investment properties. It spent 5.6 Billion Pesos on developing investment properties in 2020.

In the first quarter of 2021, FLI continued to generate cash from operations. FLI was able to generate 1.3 Billion Pesos from operations.

Aside from the cash operations, FLI also demonstrated that it cash raise fresh cash from the capital markets. In 2020, FLI was able to raise 10.7 Billion Pesos from loans and 8 Billion Pesos from the bond market.

This year FLI will be launching its own REIT to raise fresh cash to keep its business growing.

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