PSE a debt-free platform business trades 18% down from its 52-week high

The Philippine Stock Exchange is the only stock exchange operator in the country. The stock exchange operator has proven itself resilient to the effects of the pandemic. Its revenue rose to 1,314 Million in 2020 from 1,290 Million in 2019.

It was feared that trading volume in the PSE will dip as pandemic caused slowdown in the economy. But trading volumes held up as people tried their luck in making money from stock trading. The year 2020 saw a significant rise in retail account openings.

PSE ended the year with no interest-bearing debts. Debt-free and asset light, PSE has been accumulating cash in its balance sheet. This year it declared an 8-Peso dividend. With that dividend PSE yields 5.5%.

This year could even be a better year for PSE as companies are leaning towards issuance of equity securities – preferreds and commons for fund raising. Banks are becoming more stringent and hesitant in lending. As a result, companies prefer to raise funds through share issuances.

Big public offerings expected during the year are Monde Nissin valued at US$1.3 Billion and National Grid (NGCP) worth US$1.5 Billion. Aside from the two giant IPOs, several developers are also expected to launch their REITS. Most recently, Double Dragon launch its 14 Billion REIT – DDMPR.

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