WLCON registers a healthy financial amidst the pandemic

WILCON DEPOT, INC. (WLCON) ended the year with a healthy balance sheet. WLCON boosted its cash and short-term investments to 4.6 Billion Pesos while maintaining a zero-indebtedness stance.

Although the pandemic slowdown may have tempered revenue and net income, the over-all result was still healthy. Net income is down a third from last year only due to elevated property depreciation charges which are non-cash charges.

Revenue may be down by a third but cash flow from operating activities rose by 68% to 4.3 Billion Pesos. The increase in cash flow from operations resulted from a better inventory management.

A healthy result leads to a healthy valuation. WLCON is presently valued at 51.31 price-earnings ratio (P/E). Foreign institutional shareholders have crowded WLCON owning around 7.41% of the shares outstanding.

Even with a healthy valuation of 51.31 PE, WLCON is still down 2.1% from a year ago.

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