Debt-free HLCM (Holcim) still down 52.80% from a year ago

Holcim Philippines (HLCM) ended the year 2020 debt-free. In 2019, HLCM ended the year with 3.9 Billion of current loans payable.

The pandemic may have tempered its revenue during the year, but it didn’t stop HLCM from making a 2.1 Billion profit.

HLCM during the year generated cash from its operating activities of 4.9 Billion Pesos. The cash from operations allowed it to pay its entire debt. The cash from operations coupled with a disciplined capital expenditure program allowed HLCM to keep its status as debt free.

HLCM has proven itself a cash generating machine even in the year of the pandemic slowdown but despite such attribute HLCM is still down 52.80% from a year ago.

Lawmakers have proposed additional fiscal stimulus in the form of Bayanihan 3 to boosts spending. Additional funding for infrastructure spending could boosts HLCM.

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