Day of reckoning has come AREIT declares .59/share cash dividend, cdiv to guide market to the yield it desires

We have reported earlier that AREIT may have to sink further until it finds the yield. In the said report we said that all the talks about its yield are all based on speculations from brokers, analyst, and commenters. We said at that time that AREIT’s yield is zero until AREIT declares dividend and it is going to sink because the yield is zero. It will sink further until it finds the yield.

We feel that we have been heard by AREIT and the Ayala group. Just today AREIT declares a dividend. This was announced in an emergency disclosure today. Please see attached copy of the disclosure below.

In the trading today, AREIT attempted to rally but towards the end it lost steam to end at 25.95.

With the cash dividend the market will now have a clear guide on how to price AREIT to get the yield it desires.

Finally, the day of reckoning for AREIT holders has come. We will now see how the market will price AREIT. The dust will finally settle and we wish everyone the best of luck.

Disclaimer: This is an independent analysis for discussion purposes with the aim of giving stock traders and investors an independent perspective.  Accuretti Systems Inc. does not hold any shares of AREIT and Ayala Land, Inc..

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